There for you at every stage

As you move through different stages of life, your goals change and so will the focus of your financial future. Although your requirements are unique, the following stages may help you focus on your particular needs.

Your first working years

You may be establishing your career, getting married or settling into a relationship. It is a time to develop good money management skills and to build a savings and investment strategy. It may be tax effective for you to consider negative gearing or salary sacrifice to boost your superannuation.

Buying your First Home / Raising a Family

With a mortgage and children your needs change. As you start to build your assets, getting the right home loan is critical. Insurance becomes a key concern to protect your assets, your income, yourself, your dependants and your future lifestyle. It is also a time to consider estate planning, wills and powers of attorney. If you have not already started it is a time to build an investment portfolio. In these early years you have a longer period in which to recover from unpredictable market fluctuations, allowing you to pursue higher returns with your investments.

Wealth Building

Many of the initial expenses involved in setting up a new home and raising a family are now behind you. This is a time to focus on wealth creation and ensuring you have a strong superannuation strategy in place. Lifestyle goals, such as an overseas trip are achievable with the right planning. Retirement may seem closer but you still need to invest strategically. Increasing life expectancy means you will need to maintain some growth investments well into your retirement.

Wealth Conservation

As retirement nears your main aim is to reduce overall debt and tax obligations. You now have a shorter investment period and it is time to move into more conservative investments in order to preserve the assets you have accumulated. It is now imperative that you ensure your financial plan is on track for retirement.


As employment income disappears you need to replace it with a regular income stream that suits your lifestyle. Protection from inflation and tax minimisation are key elements for retirees. You will also want to maximise centrelink entitlements. It is not too late to seek financial advice to help you maintain your lifestyle and financial goals.

Aged Care Advice

We can also help you make important decisions to minimise costs and review care requirements for you and your loved ones.
The formulas and rules that apply to accessing aged care services are complex and variable. We can help unravel what can be seen as a series of confusing issues in dealing with Government agencies and private health care institutions.